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Grow your business by becoming an Ownermatch Associate. You are a successful broker or realtor... best in your field... at the top of your game. But now, you have a whole new option to offer your clients: Ownermatch Exclusive Co-Ownership. You win, your clients win. Click below if you are interested in representing Ownermatch in your area.


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Ownermatch is about investing wisely

Most resort homes in North America (and worldwide) are extremely under-utilized. Statistics indicate that, on average, they are occupied less than 15 percent of the time, leaving them unoccupied over 300 days per year... standing empty, locking in capital and costing the owners a great deal of money.

Now, Ownermatch International presents a smart, new alternative. Instead of all costs having to be carried by a single owner, there is a perfect opportunity for two well-matched individuals, couples or families to share ownership of a resort home. In this way, all parties can enjoy virtually the same lifestyle benefits – but at half the cost.

Ownermatch is about lifestyle

Resort homes provide wonderful lifestyle benefits. They provide the perfect getaway from hectic city life ... often offering a spectrum of experiences ranging from exciting activities and adventures, to relaxing peace and tranquility. They can also be a highly prestigious venue for meetings with friends and business associates, social gatherings, and romantic getaways ...the perfect chance to share the good life you have created. Most importantly, they provide the perfect stage for you and your extended family to share the richest, most memorable experiences of a lifetime.

There are so many benefits to investing in a resort home…. but at what cost?

Exclusive Resort Home Articles

Luxury Lifestyle Solutions

The financial world is changing rapidly. Even the most affluent families are reviewing ways in which they invest in their recreational lifestyles. Historically, people of means have purchased and maintained luxury resort properties that they only have time to enjoy a small fraction of the time. National statistics indicate that resort homes are used, on average, 10-15% of the time… leaving them unoccupied for well over 300 days a year.

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Exclusive Co-ownership of Recreational Property

There is no question that owning a luxury home, townhouse or condo in a premium resort provides a growing family with the perfect place to create memories that will last a lifetime. It also provides a golden opportunity to share the good life you have created with friends and business associates. Unfortunately, the cost of acquiring these properties has risen greatly in recent years making the decision to purchase a resort home a substantial one even for the most affluent clientele.

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Exclusive Co-ownership of your Dream Property

Is your recreational dream property a waterfront paradise in the Pacific Northwest, complete with private dock and guesthouse? Or is your dream property a prestigious mountain home at your favourite ski resort with access to the world’s finest skiing, golfing, hiking and cycling? Or maybe your dream is to own a ranch in Wyoming’s vast interior where you can ride horseback through God’s country or fish for trout in your own private lake. Maybe you have more than one dream...

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