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Brokers & Realtors
Grow your business by becoming an Ownermatch Associate. You are a successful broker or realtor... best in your field... at the top of your game. But now, you have a whole new option to offer your clients: Ownermatch Exclusive Co-Ownership. You win, your clients win. Click below if you are interested in representing Ownermatch in your area.


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100% of the Lifestyle... 50% of the Cost!

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Welcome to Ownermatch International

The Problem: Second homes in the U.S. are used, on average, less that 15 percent of the time. That leaves them unoccupied over 300 days per year... tying up capital and costing money.

The Solution: Ownermatch “Exclusive Co-Ownership”. A Win-Win for all parties. Current owners can sell a 50 percent interest in their property releasing equity or reducing debt exposure... while new buyers can enjoy a second home worth double what they invest.

The Result? Each party enjoys full lifestyle benefits – at half the cost.

Ownermatch International is expert at bringing together these buyers and sellers. We carefully analyze each individual's lifestyle objectives and their long-term investment goals to design a mutually beneficial co-ownership scenario. In addition, we provide legal and logistical paperwork to ensure that ‘smart money’ exclusive co-ownership works for you.

Ownermatch International offers the best of all worlds ... an opportunity to invest wisely in your dream resort home in conjunction with like-minded individuals who also wish to realize their dreams in a cost-effective manner. Talk to us about investing in your dream. Even your accountant will be impressed.

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