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Grow your business by becoming an Ownermatch Associate. You are a successful broker or realtor... best in your field... at the top of your game. But now, you have a whole new option to offer your clients: Ownermatch Exclusive Co-Ownership. You win, your clients win. Click below if you are interested in representing Ownermatch in your area.


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What is Exclusive Co-Ownership?

“Exclusive Co-ownership” is based on the principle that two well-matched co-owners, sharing the investment and ongoing enjoyment of one luxury resort property, will experience financial and lifestyle benefits that neither could achieve acting on their own.

The formula is simple... One luxurious “second home” property is equally owned by two well-matched co-owners. Each owner enjoys 6 months “exclusive” use of the property each year according to a pre- determined schedule. Properties are professionally managed and costs are shared.

Bottom line... Co-owners enjoy all the lifestyle benefits of owning 100% of a luxury property for 50% of the cost!

Why Has The Ownermatch Program Been Developed?

Many people do not have the time available to enjoy their second homes on a regular basis. Others choose to spend their time in more than one recreational area. In either case, their properties are used only a fraction of the time. For these people the financial benefits of “Exclusive Co-Ownership” are enormous and can cut both capital costs and ongoing ownership costs by 50%

Each co-owner can enjoy a more luxurious property worth twice as much as they invest… in a better location…with more (and better) space, features and amenities. It also enables owners to invest in two properties in their two favorite resort areas for the same amount as investing in one location on their own.

Who is Our Target Market?

Ownermatch is targeted at affluent buyers who are looking for smart recreational real estate opportunities that will bring a strong, part-time lifestyle component into their lives. People who appreciate the lifestyle benefits of a high quality resort property but whose usage will be limited. They have the financial ability to invest in a property on their own…but they know that it would be wise to consider a co-investor to make the investment a more prudent one.

Many of our target buyers desire more than one resort ownership experience ( i.e. north/south, east/west, summer/winter) Why not invest in a desert golf property and a mountain ski property or a seaside beach property... two completely different lifestyle experiences for your family for the same amount of money needed to purchase and maintain one property, in one location, on your own.

Where Are The Best Locations For "Exclusive Co-Ownership"?

The most attractive locations are in premium recreational areas where non-resident, part time use forms a large part of the real estate mix. The better located a property is in relation to the local lifestyle options… the better. People are looking for maximum lifestyle experiences, which are often in the most expensive locations… ocean front, waterfront, ski-in ski-out, on golf courses, etc. The better located and more expensive a property is, the greater the economic and lifestyle benefits inherent in the “Exclusive Co-ownership” Program. Some buyers are looking for access to shopping and dining while others are looking for easy access to entertainment and sporting venues. Others yet, are looking for relaxation and complete privacy. There are matches for everyone.

What Kind Of Properties Are Best?

Turn-key properties that are well-located, beautifully furnished and provide instant “wow-factor” are best. They immediately provide the lifestyle returns desired by new buyers without complications of renovations or interior design challenges. Owners see exactly what they get with no imagination required. The more features they have the better, as each owner is only paying half the cost for their fantastic lifestyle. Double or triple garages are perfect as they allow room for each owner to keep a vehicle and their recreational toys. Lockable storage space for each owner while absent is essential and can be easily incorporated into most luxury homes. Turnkey furnishing packages are available for qualifying properties that lack the finishing touches.

Who is a Candidate For "Exclusive

A resort home is a valuable asset… both a real estate investment and a lifestyle investment. Both have measurable returns that are easy to calculate. First, how much does the property cost to own each year (Capital costs, maintenance, taxes, services, etc). Second, how many days each year will you use and enjoy the property? Regardless of expectations that the value of the property will go up over time…. if your resort property is not going to be used “cost-effectively” on a regular basis you are a perfect candidate for the benefits of Exclusive Co-Ownership.

Who is The Perfect Match For You?

Many things determine the perfect “Ownermatch”. First, of course, is the resort or recreational area of choice. Next is the location of the property within that area, the size, price, and lifestyle amenities. Does it provide the lifestyle desired by each party? Then come factors determined by family… their size, their age and, most importantly, their seasonal usage requirements. Next come considerations involving issues like pets, smoking, allergies and handicapped access. Also whether, or not, they would like to rent out the property during times when they are not using it... if anything is not agreeable to both parties it is not considered a “fit”. If all factors are pointing to a possible match then the all-important financial considerations follow… including the financial strength of the candidates and whether or not financing is required. In the end, when an “Ownermatch” is established, “Exclusive Co-Ownership” will deliver enormous financial and lifestyle benefits to both parties.

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